Faheem Ruhani

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  • Fugly

    ...could have been a better film but in spite of its noble Rang De Basanti intentions it is nothing but frubbish.


    Jun 2014
  • Chal Bhaag

    ...a poorly written screenplay, amateur production design, shoddy performances, listless dialogues and useless item songs which play out as and when the director fancies.


    Jun 2014
  • Purani Jeans

    Director Tanushri Chattrji Bassu packs in the choicest cliches that you have seen earlier in hajaar Hindi films in her debut directorial. Her story is run-of-the-mill and her characters half-baked and situations Xeroxed from previous Hindi films.


    May 2014
  • Jal

    The film has too many threads and then you are left with a feeling of it going nowhere, almost like miles of dessert area in the films which leads to no oasis.


    Apr 2014
  • Mahabharat

    Nobody really expected Mahabharat to offer anything close to Hollywood standard but when you have worked on a film for seven years like how the makers of Mahabharat claim, at least ensure you can tell a story engagingly.


    Dec 2013
  • Satya 2

    There is absolute disregard for coming up with anything intelligent in this film which is supposed to be a crime thriller. Amateur writing, tacky sets, indifferent acting, cacophonous background score and anything random goes in Satya 2.


    Nov 2013
  • Mickey Virus

    The comic-thriller is fast paced, constantly taking you from one unexpected situation to another. The dialogue is witty, full of repartees and with many smart one-liners that most characters, even the supporting ones get to mouth and display their comic mettle.


    Oct 2013
  • Baat Bann Gayi

    There is so much confusion in this comedy of errors that the film's characters are mouthing lines such as "yeh kya ho raha hai, mujhe kuch samajh nahin aa raha, it's getting complicated." Exactly how you feel while watching Baat Bann Gayi!


    Oct 2013
  • Maazii

    What lingers with you is the sense of being riveted, shocked, surprised and thrilled by this amazing piece of story-telling by director Jaideep Chopra.


    Sep 2013