K K Rai

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  • Nakshatra

    ...the film stands nowhere due to a poor screenplay and sketchy characters. The idea was good but carelessness seems to have ruined it at the final stage.


    Oct 2010
  • Kucch Luv Jaisaa

    In spite of the presence of two of the brilliant actors like Rahul Bose and Shifaali, the film fails to evoke any positive response or excitement...


    May 2011
  • Phoonk 2

    ...bogged down by a poor script. In fact, the movie hardly moves forward in the first half. It takes off only in the second half and even then it fails to scare the viewer.


    Apr 2010
  • Aao Wish Karein

    Though the subject of the flick is good but lack of sizzling hot chemistry between the lead pair will play spoil sport at the box office. A below average flick.


    Nov 2009
  • Striker

    The direction of Chandan Arora seems to be handicapped by a poor script. The script has many layers and that makes the task of director very difficult.


    Feb 2010
  • Krantiveer

    The film tries to create a past world where hollering and all that were accepted as legitimate means of filmmaking, but times have changed.


    Jun 2010
  • Help

    The movie does scare you at some points but largely it’s a stale story told several times already by different makers of bollywood.


    Aug 2010
  • Karthik Calling Karthik

    The direction of Vijay Lalwani shows spark but fails to take the film to its logical conclusion. In fact, the second half is not only slow but also climax seems out of tune with the feel of the movie.


    Feb 2010
  • Teen Patti

    The direction of Leena Yadav is certainly an improvement on her last flick ‘Shabd’, but uneven writing seems to be her undoing here. Even the pace in the second half of the flick is very slow and the flick refuses to move out of gambling dens.


    Feb 2010