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  • Highway

    With all its pros and cons, here’s one of those films: ponderous enough to encourage a snooze but also with its rewarding side-effects. Needless to emphasise, Veera lingers on in the memory. And Alia Bhatt’s performance is nothing short of extraordinary, especially her solo stanzas of dialogue, executed in long takes.


    Feb 2014
  • Jai Ho

    All said and endured, here’s the sort of average product which is immune to criticism. Say anything you honestly feel, down the decades it has been huffed – so what? That doesn’t make a jot of a difference.


    Jan 2014
  • Miss Lovely

    The titillation sought to be vended in Ashim Aluhwalia’s 'Miss Lovely' is strictly of the smirk-smirk variety, suffused with abstractions, cynicism and distractions, great for the international film festival circuit but so off-the-mark and shallow for anyone who has had a smidgen of interest in the C-graders of yore...


    Jan 2014
  • Bullett Raja

    Tigmanshu Dhulia is best when he opts for content drawn for reality instead of flying off into an absurd land where everyone detests one another with a vengeance.


    Nov 2013
  • Besharam

    Doubtlessly, this actor loves the camera. And the camera loves him back. Because of that rare interaction, you come out of 'Besharam', feeling elated.


    Oct 2013
  • The Lunchbox

    What stays in the mind at the end of 'The Lunchbox' is pretty much what stays in mind at the end of a memorable set by jazzmen – not their lapses but the heights they scale.


    Sep 2013
  • John Day

    ...can’t be described as an admirable work. It is certainly not meant for the squeamish or the 'Chennai Express' constituency. Yet, neither is it dismissable as an average, formula thriller. It has it engaging moments.


    Sep 2013
  • Lootera

    ...with just some more fluency in the dramaturgy and less self-indulgent pacing, 'Lootera' would have been unforgettable, deserving of an unconditional two, instead of a one thumbs up.


    Jul 2013
  • Fukrey

    Lucklessly, none of the four overgrown boys of 'Fukrey' out here arouse your empathy or curiosity. In fact, they’re as irritating as monsoon mosquitoes.


    Jun 2013
  • Shootout At Wadala

    Gratifyingly, Sanjay Gupta doesn’t glorify Manya Surve. He is presented as someone whose life spiralled out of control, more of a doomed figure than a wonder hero. And that’s what makes 'Shootout at Wadala', quite a few cuts above the commonplace.


    May 2013