Kriti Tulsiani

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  • Kadvi Hawa

    The best part of the film perhaps is that it doesn't intend to answer or preach on the difference between right and wrong but instead leaves you with plenty to think about. Unsettling but rightly so.


    Nov 2017
  • Hope Aur Hum

    It has its heart in the right place and manages to seep you in its own nostalgia and think of things beyond the film. But there’s something that doesn’t quite make it through. The message of this family drama stays with you but the film, unfortunately, might not.


    May 2018
  • Fukrey Returns

    Watch Fukrey Returns if you like but don’t expect the spark of the original. Plus, the giggles are more like a reminder of the original Fukrey and nothing more.


    Dec 2017
  • 1920 London

    Black magic, achhi atma-buri atma, lemon with red chillies, a couple of namahs, rivers, babas and everything clichéd have been put in action here. It’s more like light, camera, clichés!


    May 2016
  • Shorgul

    ...for the most part, has been reduced to a clichéd-driven film trying hard to give away a message of peace but ends up losing its essence amid its complicated narrative.


    Jul 2016
  • Munna Michael

    The film, in entirety, lacks any logic and coherence in its plot. The story is predictable and will often have you looking at your watch.


    Jul 2017
  • Love Games no game at all. Not fun, not entertaining but yes, it definitely has all the elements it promised to offer - sex, suspense, thrill, obsession, blackmailing and much more.


    Apr 2016
  • Bank Chor

    ...what's wrong in this film is not the casting or the acting, but the decision of basing a full-fledged film on a theme so trivial.


    Jun 2017