Kusumita Das

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  • Gone Kesh an important story to tell in the hair-normative culture we live in, where hair is seen as representative of femininity.


    Mar 2019
  • Fitoor

    ...doesn't lack pace, it lacks the finesse and the depth. And we are left with not much to do except marvel at the white beauty of Kashmir, while the real Pip, Estella and Miss Havisham remain buried under that thick blanket of snow, perhaps occasionally stirring in their graves.


    Feb 2016
  • Chalk N Duster

    A little more finesse could have helped Chalk n Duster emerge a topper in the genre. With a subject like this, telling the story well was as important as telling it at all.


    Jan 2016
  • Wazir

    We'd have loved to lose to the storyteller and have all our guesses proved wrong by the time the end credits rolled. But sadly, this game leaves a lot to be desired.


    Jan 2016
  • Bajirao Mastani

    A melodramatic climax aside, the film is undoubtedly a quality product, Bhansali always ensures that. But what makes it fall just short of excellence is the lack of the journey within. We never get inside the characters...


    Dec 2015
  • Talvar

    What we get is a story that keeps you engaged even though there is hardly any detail that you already don’t know of if you have closely followed the case.


    Oct 2015
  • Phantom’s commendable how Kabir walks the line between patriotism and jingoism. Phantom scores in a gripping first half that sustains, if not surpasses its pace in the second half...


    Aug 2015
  • Bombay Velvet

    Once you are done being dazzled by the beauty, you go looking for the soul only to encounter too many persistent question marks, which weigh down the second half. And when a story is rooted in well-documented history, one cannot afford to let the ellipses remain.


    May 2015
  • Badlapur

    Sriram Raghavan turns the genre of revenge on its head. It’s as thrilling as it is introspective. There’s no good, bad or ugly. You see how ugly good can get, how bad can have some good too.


    Feb 2015
  • MSG

    Not necessarily in a good way, but the film offers lots of chuckles and a healthy dose of laughter if you endorse the view that too much tragedy is comedy.


    Feb 2015
  • Shamitabh

    Shamitabh’s strength lies in the mighty performances of its two leading men, which to a large extent fill the holes in the plot and allow us to look beyond the many flights of fancy.


    Feb 2015
  • Hawaizaada

    True or not, it was a good subject that the director had his hands on. But sadly, 'Hawaizaada' limps a bit too much to even come close to convincingly recreate the life of a man who dreamt to be the first one to fly.


    Jan 2015
  • Action Jackson

    This film makes you realise that Prabhudheva (perhaps that extra ‘h’ now stands for horror) entered into a bet (with himself?) to show the world there can be films worse than 'Humshakals'. So yes, sorry Sajid Khan, we stand corrected.


    Dec 2014
  • Ungli

    ...if you are looking for a fun ride, Ungli won’t disappoint. But because of its simplistic approach, Ungli is only entertaining, not thought-provoking.


    Nov 2014
  • The Shaukeens

    With a catchy soundtrack, a steady supply of giggles, top-notch performances and an engaging script, Abhishek Sharma’s The Shaukeens is a worthy follow-up to his first film, the hilarious Tere Bin Laden.


    Nov 2014
  • Super Nani

    ...sitting in the twilight of 2014, the film delivers the farcical ‘pati parmeshwar’ message with such conviction that it makes you doubt the calendar.


    Oct 2014