Nihit Bhave

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  • Mukti Bhawan

    The plot is too skimpy and with its languid pacing, the movie eventually seems a bit indulgent. The filmmaker’s exposure to slow, contemplative festival films becomes apparent. But the unassuming characters and the humour make it a delightful watch.


    Apr 2017
  • Raag Desh

    It is overpopulated with numbers, dates and facts and suddenly introduces relatives of the protagonists who have stories of their own. It’s death by information.


    Jul 2017
  • Raees

    The movie can feel a bit long, but if you’re going for a great Shah Rukh performance and some good ol’ popcorn-entertainment, it might just ‘raees’ to the occasion.


    Jan 2017
  • Mantostaan

    ...seems like the first draft of a potentially unputdownable book. A slightly more experienced filmmaker would have done wonders with it. But in this state, it’s like a decent read with a great epilogue.


    May 2017
  • Raabta

    As much as you can force influences into a love story, you can’t force love itself. Neither with good-looking actors flirting with chocolates and flowers. Nor with an ambitious flashback that adds years as opposed to maturity to the plot. But Raabta relies on this kind of forced love rather than the force of love.


    Jun 2017
  • Dongri Ka Raja

    To give it a little credit, the movie has a surprising feministic subtext in the love story but it gets diluted quickly. And all you’re left with are dozens and dozens of cat-and-mouse chases.


    Nov 2016