Savera R Someshwar

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  • Helicopter Eela

    In the effort to dose Helicopter Eela with humour -- and it's not that a movie on this subject cannot be funny -- the film cuts down on its believability. The loser, as a result is Eela's journey to emancipation. And the audience.


    Oct 2018
  • Padmaavat

    As the film progresses, you tire of the been-there seen-that spectacle. You want a story. You want good dialogue, not the corny words you are hearing. You want an emotional connect. You want a tighter film. Sadly, with Padmaavat, that's not what you get.


    Jan 2018
  • Gulaab Gang

    ...for a film that is about women who have risen above their harrowed circumstances to help society, Gulaab Gang film has a glaring, irredeemable flaw. The makers claim it is a work of fiction. Yes, there are fictional elements but the kernel and the tale, clearly, is Sampat Pal Devi and her Gulabi Gang. She deserved a bow.


    Mar 2014
  • Mai...

    The legendary Asha Bhosle is let down by a loose script, appalling cinematography, a debutant director and a talented group of actors who, for some reason, do not rise to their roles.


    Feb 2013