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  • Pataakha

    It's explosive but subtle; it's emotive but doesn't take itself too seriously as a film. It could have benefited with a tighter edit, but for the most part I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen.


    Sep 2018
  • Sanju an entertaining film, and has all the elements of a blockbuster — but one wishes the honesty and nuance went beyond just the performances.


    Jun 2018
  • Race 3 a funny, kitschy and audacious film. In between the action shots (clearly where most of the money has been spent, after bhai), the film tends to make you go 'what the hell just happened' more times than you can count.


    Jun 2018
  • Baaghi 2

    It's not a well-structured film, and the story has many loopholes; the performances are over-the-top and the plot points convenient. However, some credit must be given to Baaghi 2 for staying true to its genre. If you're a fan of high-action dramas, you may just (gasp!) enjoy this film.


    Mar 2018
  • Hichki

    The vibe of the film is inconsistent, and this glaring 'hichki' can be felt throughout the film. In parts, it is funny and in parts it gets very dramatic.


    Mar 2018
  • Padmaavat

    How do you support a film that glorifies the very beliefs you don't stand for? Do you accept it as a portrayal of the times in which the film is based, or do you give into your disappointment?


    Jan 2018
  • Chef a refreshing change from the usual Friday fare from Bollywood. It's a smart, well-crafted film that's shot beautifully.


    Oct 2017
  • A Gentleman

    The tone of the film keeps shifting between funny, serious, confusion and finally, almost like a Guy Ritchie film, ties up in the last few moments, with aplomb.


    Aug 2017
  • Raabta

    The idea is there in Raabta. It's all you see. It's an interesting idea, one that has worked in Bollywood for decades. Karmic connections, past life conflicts, love, loyalty and passion. But there's something missing. Some questions are left unanswered. Some plot points, unexplored.


    Jun 2017