Vivek Bhatia

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  • Rush

    ...has all the elements to not let you sleep. It has an unnecessary thumping background score and over-the-top dialogue.


    Oct 2012
  • Heroine

    ...has an episodic feel to it. The movie is a merger of various personalities, which unfortunately don’t fall on the same page in the end. Making it seem disjointed and amateurish.


    Sep 2012
  • Supermen of Malegaon that little package that manages to provide such a large perspective about small-town Malegaon and its filmy people. It’s short and has enough quirks to keep you entertained.


    Jul 2012
  • Gangs Of Wasseypur

    ...surely entertaining but isn’t fearless. At times it crouches and hides behind unnecessary montages and sub-plots that ultimately leave you a tad bit underwhelmed. The film doesn’t disappoint but it also doesn’t satiate your hunger.


    Jun 2012
  • Luv Ka The End

    If you fall between the 16-20 years age bracket then LKTH is not a movie that you'd hate. However, if you're older than that. I'm not sure if you'd feel the same.


    May 2011
  • Ramayana

    it takes an age-old story and through smart additions and innovations makes it more appealing for a modern audience.


    Oct 2010
  • Crook

    So who is the real Crook of such a colossal debacle? Is it the director, the actors or the writer? Certainly, all of them as the movie fails on all three counts.


    Oct 2010
  • Udaan

    Its heart is in the right place. But most importantly, it has a soul and may well make you reflect on your own life and wonder, “I could’ve done this differently.”


    Jul 2010