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  • Zero

    ...left me stumped and eventually, sad. Because when artists take such ambitious creative risks, you are really rooting for them to succeed.


    Dec 2018
  • Well Done Abba heart-felt and intermittently funny but not flat-out delightful like Benegal’s last film Welcome to Sajjanpur. You need oodles of patience to enjoy this one.


    Mar 2010
  • War very much a bromance which sparkles because Hrithik and Tiger are combative without being competitive. I had a good time. I think you will too.


    Oct 2019
  • Veer

    If like me, you can find delight in the sheer delirium of a bad Bollywood film, then see Veer, otherwise do catch it on DVD. In a few years, this sensibility and swagger will be extinct.


    Jan 2010
  • Uri an unabashed love letter to the Indian army. If you want nuance or insight into the hearts and minds of brave men and women who willingly put themselves in the line of fire, you won’t find it here.


    Jan 2019
  • Ujda Chaman

    The biggest problem with Ujda Chaman is that the film wants to have it both ways – first make you laugh with cheesy jokes about sex and virginity and then deliver an important social message about why we shouldn’t judge people by their looks.


    Nov 2019
  • Tum Milo Toh Sahi

    ...the attempt here was a bitter-sweet love letter to Mumbai and its people but the film is fatally undone by the clumsy writing. The screenplay is static and the dialogue, superbly low IQ.


    Apr 2010
  • Tubelight cinema as a sermon. Which makes the film flat and emotionally unconvincing. The good intentions and lectures on yakeen don’t translate into a gripping narrative.


    Jun 2017