Mansha Rastogi

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  • AkaashVani

    ...may be a flawed film but it still has its heart in the right place. If you can get past the sugary coma and see the relavant topic it deals with, this film is for you.

    Jan 2013
  • Inkaar

    What happens to be a potent seed for a crackling story, Inkaar gets mired by the cliches of conventionalism and loses its steam.

    Jan 2013
  • Table No. 21

    ...although may not be a completely out of the box, never before concept but it's the execution of the story and the acting that makes this film a one time watch.

    Jan 2013
  • Rajdhani Express

    Debutant filmmaker Ashok Kohli intends on making a socio-political drama but with the lack of even the basic filmmaking skills, he fails to bring out any aspect of his set theme. Instead his movie turns into a long tedious tirade which literally numbs your brains.

    Jan 2013
  • 10ml Love a good attempt at adapting Shakespeare play. It holds the potential to entice even the cine-goers who haven't read/seen the play.

    Dec 2012
  • Khiladi 786 yet another film hated by the intellectuals and lauded by the masses. Watch it if your brain gets too heavy to bring it down to the theater.

    Dec 2012
  • Chittagong

    Filmmaker Bedabrata Pain meticulously recreates the lives of those times and makes for a believable watch. He infuses enough emotions within the story that the victory eventually tugs at your heartstrings filling you with a surge of pride.

    Oct 2012
  • Makkhi

    Makkhi, to sum it up, is a perfect example of the wonders a human brain can do if you just let it wander out of the box. It is a film which deserves to be seen by one and all.

    Oct 2012
  • Aiyyaa

    ...a major disappointment coming from the production house of Anurag Kashyap and from the once upon a time highly revered actress Rani Mukerji.

    Oct 2012