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  • PK

    ...comes as close to storytelling perfection as any mainstream Hindi movie has done in living memory.

    Dec 2014
  • Shahid

    ...deserves more than just a standing ovation. It deserves accolades for standing up to be counted and narrating the kind of story that is usually buried under mainstream media cacophony.

    Oct 2013
  • That Girl in Yellow Boots

    ...a significant step forward for Kashyap. It is well-nigh his most controlled film to date: the style, fluid and unobtrusive, complements the theme rather than overshadow it.

    Sep 2011
  • Mukti Bhawan a small, spry, sublimely beguiling essay that bears the weight of its solemn theme without the faintest hint of a stumble. If there is only one film that you want to see this week, this month, this year - or this lifetime - let it be this one.

    Apr 2017
  • Sanju the film that it is because of the infectious energy Ranbir Kapoor injects into the film. An absolute must-watch.

    Jun 2018
  • Article 15 an important addition to a very small number of Hindi films that have successfully tackled weighty social issues through the means of a more popular idiom.

    Jun 2019
  • Mukkabaaz

    ...packs a massive punch. Watch it because it is one of the more important films to have come out of the Mumbai movie industry in recent times.

    Jan 2018
  • Miss Lovely

    Dark, disturbing and disorienting, Miss Lovely is the sort of film grips viewers by the gullet and drags them into a claustrophobic crevice.

    Jan 2014
  • Dhanak

    Kukunoor enhances the magic of the parable by throwing in delightfully quirky encounters that veer into the heart of fairy-tale terrain without ever losing a sense of reality.

    Jun 2016
  • Neerja

    Defying every norm laid down in the mainstream Bollywood rule-book, Neerja coaxes a riveting two-hour drama out of a real-life tale of extraordinary courage.

    Feb 2016
  • Chittagong

    ...certainly isn't a drab and dreary history lesson. It manages to be a gripping human drama without being either a sweeping Hollywood-style adventure or a Bollywood-inflected patriotic saga cranked up to a defeaning pitch for easy consumption.

    Oct 2012
  • Udta Punjab not family entertainment, but it is an undeniably magnificent - and purposeful - commercial Hindi film. Do not miss it.

    Jun 2016
  • Hamid

    ...both the film and the character, articulates that overarching hope with gentle yet precise, persuasive strokes.

    Mar 2019
  • Daas Dev

    ...must rank among the better screen adaptations of Devdas, not the least because of its daring, free-wheeling departures from the norm laid down for cinema derived from literary sources.

    Apr 2018
  • Titli

    A slow-burning, searing crime drama that shuns the conventional trappings of the genre, first-time director Kanu Behl’s Titli is a remarkably sure-footed film.

    Oct 2015
  • Traffic

    ...thanks to its sharply chiselled screenplay and near-perfect casting, this racy and gripping film leaves nothing at all to chance.

    May 2016
  • Gali Guleiyan obviously not a conventional entertainer. Just as well. The film stands out because of the balance it attains in depicting a man sinking steadily into incoherence and yet clinging to his humanity.

    Sep 2018
  • Gangs Of Wasseypur 2

    The sequel gets to the point infinitely quicker than Gangs Of Wasseypur did – it is free from the information overload that weighed down the initial 30 minutes of the first part.

    Aug 2012
  • Qissa

    'Unique' and 'distinctive' are two words that repeatedly spring to mind as the contemplative, splendidly well crafted Qissa unfolds on the screen.

    Feb 2015
  • Mulk

    In making its extremely timely statement, this film allows itself to lean a tad towards conventional melodrama. But it makes its point with such force that it is difficult not to be impressed. Go watch Mulk for its stout-hearted espousal of sanity. It isn't often that Bollywood shows such spine.

    Aug 2018
  • Shanghai

    ...a no-frills but searing political thriller that is under-wired with intelligence and nerve, both cinematic and ideological.

    Jun 2012
  • Vishwaroop producer-director-actor Kamal Haasan to serve up the good old filmic formula in a well-mounted cinematic package that lends the largely predictable material an impressive veneer.

    Feb 2013
  • Lootera

    ...a Bollywood miracle – a rare Mumbai film that is mounted on a lavish scale and yet dares not to play by the established norms of the marketplace.

    Jul 2013
  • Special 26 an intelligently scripted, superbly acted, enthralling and believable heist film that is more than just that.

    Feb 2013