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  • Kaalo

    There is definitely a feeling of cinematic astuteness in almost all the sequences. But that is not enough to salvage the film as the story and screenplay wreck it effortlessly.

    Dec 2010
  • 332 Mumbai To India

    The subject of 332 Mumbai to India had a lot of potential, but the drab screenplay ruins the film. What's left of the potential is quickly buried by the unimaginative narrative and dialogues.

    Dec 2010
  • Phas Gaye Re Obama

    An intricate plot infused with sparks of humour highlighting the problems of a recession-hit abduction industry, Phas Gaye Re Obama is a refreshing take on the otherwise anxiety-inducing global slowdown.

    Dec 2010
  • Maalik Ek attempt to cash in on the religious sensibilities of the Indian audiences. So director Vij does not bother about putting up a show that is even close to bearable.

    Oct 2010
  • Nakshatra is a series of frames put together as a slideshow; meaningless, brainless and distasteful. Everything — from the name of the film to its screenplay, direction, action and editing - reeks of artlessness and uninventive ideas.

    Oct 2010
  • Aakrosh not without its flaws, but it’s terribly engaging. It’s not all fun, watch it for some fast-paced, action-packed chase sequences and topical relevance.

    Oct 2010
  • Khichdi

    Side-splitting dialogues, animated performances, and hilarious episodes leverage the film to an out-and-out entertainer that grabs your attention and retains it, too.

    Oct 2010