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  • Thackeray surprisingly well made. Nawazuddin Siddiqui makes for a great Thackeray, but the script sticks to the major events of his political life, leaving you wishing the film had shown him more human than hero of the masses.

    Jan 2019
  • Manikarnika

    The trouble is, they try to Bollywoodise it. There's so much glamour and chest thumping patriotism that unwittingly the audience begins to discover flaws.

    Jan 2019
  • Evening Shadows

    You want to say nice things because the issue of gay rights is important, but this film is riddled with cliches about a patriarchal family where the gay son has not come out. It's a tedious watch.

    Jan 2019
  • Simmba

    Ranveer Singh crackles in the title role of Simmba and wins us over in this simple tale of bad cop turning into gold. Eminently watchable!

    Dec 2018
  • Kedarnath

    Credit goes to the young girl who shows flashes of her beautiful mum's talent (Amrita Singh) and brings a little something of her own on screen. There's talent here, and it is enough to take your mind away from the horrendous cliches that make the movie.

    Dec 2018
  • 2.0

    Hokey science, meet Rajinikanth. This odd film ODs on special effects but is neither an Akshay Kumar film, nor is it a Rajini film.

    Nov 2018
  • Pihu

    It becomes an exploitative film when the filmmakers put a child in harm's way, making everyone in the audience hold their breath.

    Nov 2018
  • Jalebi

    I could easily make jokes at the expense of Jalebi's name, talking about how the actual sweet dish is bad for your health but worth the risk but this film doesn't even deserve that much effort.

    Oct 2018
  • LoveYatri

    The film is a mashup of Namaste London and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but has none of the chemistry, the joy or the spontaneity. It is a manufactured paint by numbers, charmless love story.

    Oct 2018
  • Andhadhun

    It's fun. It's different. It's dark as dark can get. And the performances are all ace. But you begin to say, 'Oh no, not another twist!' in the meandering second half. The end? Worth waiting for.

    Oct 2018
  • Sui Dhaaga

    If there has been a Hindi film this year that has managed to keep me constantly smiling like an idiot yet always on the verge of tears the way this Sharat Katariya film does, I do not remember it.

    Sep 2018
  • Pataakha

    Hair pulling and name calling gets boring after an hour. And the story remains stationary until the last ten minutes, and the end is so obvious, you just groan as you exit the theater.

    Sep 2018
  • Pakhi

    This film is a tragedy of such epic howlarious proportions. None of the cast know how to act. And all that attempted exploitation in the name of true story of a ten year old is so bad you want the film to be relegated to the bottom of a well.

    Sep 2018
  • III Smoking Barrels

    Three stories from the North East part of India will try and help you understand the unique social and political place they hold in the universe. The third one though outshines the other two and should have been a standalone film. It's about elephant poachers. The first two stories then look trite and unwatchable.

    Sep 2018
  • Manto

    This film neatly weaves the stories he wrote into the life he lived and leave us wondering: is he the better storyteller or is God? Not commercial at all, but what a brilliant cinematic experience.

    Sep 2018
  • Love Sonia

    Perhaps the foreign audience is gullible and offered funding to what was supposed to be 'realistic depiction of the horrors of human trafficking' and they should be disappointed with this skin flick.

    Sep 2018