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  • Ujda Chaman

    The film is also unable to get its tone right. It can’t decide whether it wants to be funny, emotional or romantic or a mix of all. As a result it leaves the audience disconnected and confused as well. Should it laugh, cry or simply tear its hair out?

    Nov 2019
  • Housefull 4

    ...hurtles south with such a clarity of purpose and desperate urgency that you can review it with just “eye roll” gifs than go hunting for suitable words.

    Oct 2019
  • Saand Ki Aankh

    ...the bad prosthetics do irk and irritate at the start, but slowly you begin to overlook the cakey make-up on the faces of Pednekar and Pannu and begin warming up to the place, its people, stories, struggles and, most of all, a matter-of-fact rustic sense of humour.

    Oct 2019
  • The Sky Is Pink

    It’s such a pity that the film has a powerful true story as its source material, yet its sole obsession is to make you either laugh or cry. The Sky Is Pink is perhaps better off titled, ‘Sometimes Happy Sometimes Sad’.

    Oct 2019
  • War

    Despite there being nothing new and everything predictable about it, War is slick and smart and keeps the audience engaged and absorbed.

    Oct 2019
  • The Zoya Factor

    Despite the film being a rickety ride and Dulquer Salmaan not being utilised to his best potential, the Malayalam star still ends up playing the most rounded role of the lot.

    Sep 2019
  • Section 375

    The film not only provides validation to all those dismissing sexual harassment cases as having ulterior motives but also does great disservice to women, who have only recently had the courage to risk social stigma and share their stories with the world.

    Sep 2019
  • Mission Mangal

    With the nation’s conscience keeper Akshay Kumar at the helm and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech featured in a special appearance, the idea behind Mission Mangal quite clearly is to ignite our supposedly latent nationalism.

    Aug 2019
  • Khandaani Shafakhana

    ...may have a laudable message at its core, but gets bogged down by it’s own overly righteous attempt to “educate” — that sex is not gandi baat, ashleel aur aapattijanak (bad thing, obscene and unacceptable), nothing to be shameful about.

    Aug 2019
  • Jhootha Kahin Ka

    ...Kang can’t stop the humour turning loud and crass with double entendre slipping in, specially when it comes to women. It’s not just the sexist jokes, here the women are rendered deliberately vapid and inconsequential...

    Jul 2019
  • De De Pyaar De

    The film’s craft adds to its staleness and anachronistic feel. As much as the film wants to be an iconoclast, it reinstates the same conservatism it pretends to take down.

    May 2019
  • Setters

    Chaudhary gets the milieu, lingo and the social nuances and hierarchies right and has a fabulous ensemble of actors, some in smaller roles, but the film doesn’t hit a high note.

    May 2019
  • No Fathers In Kashmir

    Kumar comes with a solid background in documentary filmmaking and has sound grounding in the politics of the State (Inshallah, Football and Inshallah, Kashmir), the reason one would have expected a far more searing and incisive account in the film than what one eventually gets to watch.

    Apr 2019
  • Romeo Akbar Walter

    Fashioned along the lines of the childish, old-fashioned B-grade Bollywood-Hollywood thrillers, RAW is all about the hidden transmitters and surveillance rooms and gratuitous third degree torture in ISI detention centres, laughable polygraph tests and sundry similar procedurals and investigations.

    Apr 2019