Aditya Shrikrishna

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  • Soorma

    Here is one of the best stories celebrating will, talent and love for the game. But did you do it against Pakistan? No? Please close the door on your way out. Next candidate please.


    Jul 2018
  • Sanju

    While the subject is starkly different, Hirani's sticks to the treatment that comes naturally to him. This is a film that is intensely Bollywood and in love with the industry, the approach is a strange concoction of melodrama, parody and comedy.


    Jun 2018
  • Mukkabaaz

    It may appear as a sports film, a boxing film, but Mukkabaaz really is an intense relationship drama, a romance — almost a quasi-Romeo-Juliet — that will not bow down to disability or politics or caste.


    Jan 2018
  • Noor

    A compelling micro story about a single character loses its essence by trying to be a macro story about Mumbai, journalism and other words thrown at you with sincerity reserved for banal platitudes.


    Apr 2017
  • Begum Jaan

    There is nothing even Vidya Balan can do to make things interesting here when that happens. And we never get to know enough about the characters to identify with their sense of loss and longing.


    Apr 2017
  • Phillauri

    ...definitely deserved a better director. Scenes take too long to get to their logical end. A lot about ones like or dislike of Phillauri may depend on how much one is willing to buy into Dutt's two narratives, bad graphics notwithstanding.


    Mar 2017
  • Machine

    There is bad. There is awful. And then there is a film where your eyeballs are behind your eyebrows threatening to launch from top of your head like it's Cape Canaveral.


    Mar 2017
  • Commando 2

    Very little thought seems to have gone into Commando 2 in every facet which is commendable because at least that makes it consistent with the idea and execution of demonetization.


    Mar 2017