Deepa Gahlot

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  • Daddy

    The problem with making yet another gangster film is that somebody has done it before and, in all probability, done a better job.


    Sep 2017
  • M.S. Dhoni

    ...there aren’t many cinematic highs and lows in Dhoni’s life so far, which is why Neeraj Pandey is hard put to bring drama into a bland story.


    Oct 2016
  • Udta Punjab

    What Abhishek Chaubey has done with Udta Punjab is broken the image of Punjab that Bollywood has so carefully built, as a state of happy-go-lucky, bhangra-dancing, family-loving people.


    Jun 2016
  • Kapoor & Sons

    Shakun Batra’s film has no plot, just the problems of getting a family together so that grandpa can get a family photo for his 90th birthday.


    Mar 2016
  • Bittoo Boss

    ...the film is neither a love story, nor a comedy, not as bold as it wants to be and certainly not an incisive view of small town India and its growth pangs.


    Apr 2012
  • Housefull 2

    Nobody would object to a mindless comedy, if it was done well.  But since Housefull was a hit, and audiences have proved to be woefully passive when making their ‘timepass’ choices,  Sajid Khan can wilfully pass off this excessive silliness as entertainment.


    Apr 2012
  • Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

    Can't say EMAET disappoints; in fact it comes up to the generally low expectations of  a romcom. It is just meant for keeping your eyes on the screen for the running time, and then leave behind with the empty popcorn tub.


    Feb 2012
  • Chaalis Chauraasi

    Hriday Shetty has made a very ordinary caper comedy, and the best thing to be said about it is that it has as many irritants, as it has twists. And the non-linear format lends it some sparks of suspense.


    Jan 2012
  • Don 2

    From Farhan Akhtar one expects more. And don’t even get started on the awkward plotting and the lapses in logic...nobody watches a thriller with those expectations.


    Dec 2011
  • Desi Boyz

    If Rohit Dhawan who has inherited his father David Dhawan's style and, unfortunately, also his cinematic vacuity wanted to take up a mature subject like this, then why did he have to dumb it down so much?


    Nov 2011
  • Rockstar

    ...a boring, disappointing film, saved only by the rigour Ranbir Kapoor brings on - he is let down by the film's lack of depth, originality and artistic vision.


    Nov 2011