Fatema Kagalwala

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  • Murder 3

    There is enough intrigue in the story for a captivating psychological thriller. But in the hands of Vishesh Bhatt, Randeep Hooda and Sara Loren everything threatening turns into incredibly foolish.


    Feb 2013
  • Vishwaroop

    Vishwaroopam, unlike Kamal Hassan’s earlier epic ‘Dashavtharam’ isn’t flaky. But it is equally stilted and quite myopic in its approach. Yet, there is sombre tone and a seriousness within all the action-packed drama that makes it a film we could take seriously.


    Feb 2013
  • Race 2

    For all its attempts at providing a fast-paced action thriller, Race-2 overdoes it in all departments. The action over-done, the screenplay over-wrought, the sexiness overemphasized and the cool quotient too desperate to prove itself. There is a story somewhere in between...


    Jan 2013
  • AkaashVani

    Premise-wise, is a rather black and white situation the film sets itself within. As much as it delves into love’s confusions it makes the enemy a decidedly criminal situation, giving the film a clichéd outcome.


    Jan 2013
  • Table No. 21

    Although, there was much scope to milk the dark and claustrophobic undertones of the set-up, something the film ignores so blithely it seems it doesn’t know about its own potential. It could have been a much better film had it.


    Jan 2013
  • Dabangg 2

    What do you call a film trying hard to be exactly like its prequel? Cashing in on established brands is a popular and safe business tactic but not delivering more in the second round is a sign of not only foolishness but also complacency. Dabangg-2, from that measure, must be the laziest film ever made then.


    Dec 2012
  • Talaash

    Director and co-writer Reema Kagti carves an engaging and tight thriller that is a box of contradictions. It is well-written and stereotypical. Well-directed and unfinished. It mixes genres a little differently than the Bollywood norm without creating anything new.


    Dec 2012
  • Chakravyuh

    Prakash Jha’s filmography has largely centred on films related to social issues. In the recent times though, they have taken a template-like tone that is informed with resounding drama and distinctly Bollywoodian elements that sets it in a unique formulaic zone. Chakravyuh does nothing more than become yet another peg in this genre.


    Oct 2012