K K Rai

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  • Badmaash Company

    The direction of Parmeet Sethi seems to be bogged down by poor writing. The same idea is repeated in the film and the audiences get irritated. Even Parmeet has not succeeded in bringing out the best out of his actors...


    May 2010
  • Housefull

    The direction of Sajid Khan seems to be in the same mould as his last one ‘Heyy Babyy’ was, but this time the slow pace of the flick in the middle has somewhat gone against the flick.


    Apr 2010
  • Apartment

    The direction of Jagmohan Mundhra suits the thriller genre and he comes out with a winning product. The treatment of the characters in the thriller has been done superbly.


    Apr 2010
  • Phoonk 2

    ...bogged down by a poor script. In fact, the movie hardly moves forward in the first half. It takes off only in the second half and even then it fails to scare the viewer.


    Apr 2010
  • Paathshaala

    The direction of Milind Ukey seems to have been bogged down by a poor script. The graph of the flick goes down substantially in the second half. Other production values are average.


    Apr 2010
  • Prince

    ...even after a good start in the first half, somehow the happenings in the second half look less convincing. But, director has made the film a visual treat and there are no two opinions on that.


    Apr 2010
  • Well Done Abba

    The film is not only a strong statement on corruption in our government and establishment, but also exposes the hollowness of developmental programmes like NREGA. Shyam Benegal has created a superb flick.


    Mar 2010
  • Teen Patti

    The direction of Leena Yadav is certainly an improvement on her last flick ‘Shabd’, but uneven writing seems to be her undoing here. Even the pace in the second half of the flick is very slow and the flick refuses to move out of gambling dens.


    Feb 2010
  • Karthik Calling Karthik

    The direction of Vijay Lalwani shows spark but fails to take the film to its logical conclusion. In fact, the second half is not only slow but also climax seems out of tune with the feel of the movie.


    Feb 2010
  • My Name is Khan

    Karan has shown great courage in choosing a topic which was not his forte but he has come out with a winning product, no two opinions about that.


    Feb 2010
  • Striker

    The direction of Chandan Arora seems to be handicapped by a poor script. The script has many layers and that makes the task of director very difficult.


    Feb 2010
  • Veer

    ...the director has miserably failed to lift the film from its mediocrity despite of having the best stars and a big budget to mount his extravaganza.


    Jan 2010