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  • Baar Baar Dekho

    Nitya Mehra's debut outing as a director with Baar Baar Dekho is certainly a promising one. She treats this story with a lot of sincerity; a subject which in itself is a challenge to sell to the audience.


    Sep 2016
  • Dishoom

    This is an out and out pot boiler film which does have its moment where logic can be questioned. But as long as the film keeps you entertained, it won't hurt watching this film.


    Jul 2016
  • TE3N

    Watch it for the raw display of human drama and the realistic approach to many situations which has been missing at the movies for sometime now.


    Jun 2016
  • Azhar

    Contrary to what many would expect, the film is not a one-sided affair. However, by the end of it, Azhar does come out looking like a hero.


    May 2016
  • Fan

    While Khan's acting prowess will keep you glued to the film, Maneesh's brand of crisp and tight storytelling holds the plot together.


    Apr 2016
  • Kapoor & Sons

    ...all credit goes to director Shakun, who holds together all of this like a perfect winning trophy. His sensibilities in the family drama genre will certainly set a new benchmark.


    Mar 2016
  • Kajarya

    Director is very realistic in her approach and doesn’t go preachy about it. However, with an inconsistent screenplay, it makes the film less engaging.


    Dec 2015
  • Tamasha

    The movie isn’t a conventional love story, but every emotion has been layered with justification that only Imtiaz could pull off successfully.


    Nov 2015
  • Titli

    Kanu's first attempt as a director doesn't disappoint, only if the slow moving film could have picked up pace towards its crucial end.


    Oct 2015
  • Bird Idol definitely an honest attempt. But as Indian theatres are flooded with quality Hollywood animation films, this film will fail to grab any attention.


    Apr 2010