Mihir Fadnavis

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  • Calendar Girls

    Every Madhur Bhandarkar film feels the same - it’s the same storyline, the same plot points. The only things that change are the industry and the characters’ names.


    Sep 2015
  • Drishyam in a perpetual loop of rise and fall. Seldom has an Indian film trundled along its runtime with such a cycle of offering promising elements, tripping over those very elements, getting up unscathed and falling again, only to rise yet again, and so on.


    Jul 2015
  • Bahubali

    ...this package defeats the purpose of its own existence, because none of the shorts are as memorable as you’d want them to be.


    May 2015
  • Tanu Weds Manu Returns half a good movie, and half a dunderhead. If you consider both halves of this movie like a couple, then one of them surely needed to give some love and affection to the other before the fuse blew.


    May 2015
  • Bombay Velvet

    ...what Bombay Velvet lacks in complexity, it ultimately makes up for with its sheer beauty. And if you think about it, that more or less sums up the mainstream genre, so perhaps on his first attempt at a blockbuster, Kashyap is on the right track after all.


    May 2015
  • Mr. X

    If there was any doubt about Vikram Bhatt being the single most uninspiring filmmaker in the Hindi film industry, a single viewing of Mr X is enough to convince anyone to carve this sentiment in stone.


    Apr 2015
  • Ek Paheli Leela

    It’s been sold to tongue-wagging consumers as a historical sex drama, with a thrilling reincarnation twist. What Ek Paheli Leela actually is may cause some shock – it is soft porn, only without the porn.


    Apr 2015
  • MSG

    Why the film faced any ban is a mystery. You can laugh with the movie, and more so at the movie. It’s a win win.


    Feb 2015
  • Hawaizaada

    The awkward tone of the movie makes you wonder whom it was made for. There’s too much romance and too little adventure for children, and it’s too foolish for adults.


    Jan 2015
  • Delhi Belly

    ...lethally funny and cynical. It is so gaudy and profane that you can't say it isn't fun in its own exuberant way.


    Jul 2011
  • Kucch Luv Jaisaa assembled from every possible spare part required to make a laughably bad film. Its offences come by the dozen, but the worst is its portrayal of Indian women as gullible, easily misled, irrational dodos.


    May 2011
  • 404

    ...a good lesson to Bollywood that a fright film need not be brimming with blood, girls in tank tops and cheesy 3D special effects.


    May 2011