Minty Tejpal

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  • Yeh Faasley

    ...never comes together as a film. None of the characters or their stories really grip you, the music is forced and mediocre, while most of the proceedings look staged, even as the fuzzy story loops around itself.


    Mar 2011
  • Hostel

    ...gets a very flat, grim, unidimensional treatment from the director, which ends up making the story more morbidly filmy than dramatically real.


    Jan 2011
  • Mirch not spicy enough, specially since it’s from the land of Kamasutra, but considering our blinkered approach to sex, it's a welcome effort and definitely worth seeing.


    Dec 2010
  • Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey

    While the story is fabulous, KHJJS suffers majorly in its direction. The dialogues are stilted and wordy, the screenplay is needlessly repetitive and laborious, the music is average and the background score is poor.


    Dec 2010
  • Break Ke Baad soulful in bits, but the shabby story never ever takes off, while the direction remains average. In the end Break Ke Baad stays a pretty but boring film.


    Nov 2010
  • Golmaal 3 pretty much what it promises to be a silly comedy, idiotic enough to be enjoyed by all age groups with low entertainment expectations and high stress levels.


    Nov 2010
  • Jhootha Hi Sahi

    ...a too clever by half attempt at telling a cool, nerdy story which falls flat on its face. The clumsy film is stuffed with cardboard characters, silly set ups with corny insider jokes and a sagging story line which is stretched right from the word go.


    Oct 2010