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  • Section 375 a crackling film that delves into the subject wisely, talking of issues that we are only happy to brush under our carpets and bury in our closets. It’s by far one of 2019’s best film and I recommend you give this one a dekko for sure.


    Sep 2019
  • Khandaani Shafakhana

    I see Dasgupta wanted to have a matured dialogue about sex without the hoopla of it but her story needed stronger legs to carry the weight of her vision.


    Aug 2019
  • Kalank

    ...doesn't aim for that depth. It's content in being pretty even when it has the potential of so much more.


    Apr 2019
  • No Fathers In Kashmir

    ...isn't without loopholes. But you are willing to let them pass because the film makes a brave point - no one deserves to be woken up in the midst of the night by the resounding noise of bullets. Can this be rectified? The film makes an earnest plea, urging us to do our best.


    Apr 2019
  • Notebook

    ...with so much solo heavy lifting and a wobbly screenplay in tow, Kakkar delivers far short of what he is capable of.


    Mar 2019
  • Badla

    I was sold to the ride that Badla took me on; but, does it live it up to the thrill of Ghosh's Kahaani? Nah, that will need cleverer writing. Yet, this is worth a watch.


    Mar 2019
  • Amavas

    The incoherence is baffling, and one is only compelled to wonder why a team of qualified artistes would create this kind of cinema.


    Feb 2019
  • The Accidental Prime Minister

    If at all the idea was to shame and embarrass the Congress party, the writing here lacks the desired punch. The onus of shaping the material lies in the hands of the director, and Vijay Gutte is visibly inept.


    Jan 2019
  • Thugs Of Hindostan

    Undeniably, majestic movie experiences are created by filmmakers and in this one, Acharya makes a fatal mistake- he takes his audience for granted. No wonder, Thugs doesn't rise above being an absolute snoozefest.


    Nov 2018
  • Sui Dhaaga

    The unimpressive climax is disjointed, a far cry from the tone the film carried up until then. Despite its rousing moments, the film leaves you feeling unfulfilled.


    Oct 2018
  • Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi a classic example of a film that was made for the wrong reasons. It banks on a half-baked ridiculous plot that plays on regionalism without wit or spark. It's particularly a shame, because the prequel was charming and delightful.


    Sep 2018
  • Sanju

    ...glaring hiccups in an otherwise watchable and frankly, very enjoyable film. Just don't hope for a warts-and-all biopic.


    Jun 2018
  • Omerta

    It's a shame really that Omerta lacks depth, never giving an insight into Omar's criminal designs. As a thriller, it's pacy and yet, distinctly half-baked and stiff.


    May 2018
  • Tu Hai Mera Sunday

    You wish everything in the film worked as effortlessly as them but clearly director Milind Dhaimade doesn't spread out his material between the characters.


    Oct 2017
  • Simran

    ...there's more reason to celebrate Simran than diss it. The quirky perspective at finding laughs in troubled times is a refreshing way of viewing problems. And then there's Kangana, making badass look simple, human and so full of heart.


    Sep 2017
  • A Gentleman

    I miss the Raj & DK of Go, Goa, Gone, and their films where gags come flying your way fast and quick. There was a threadbare plot in that one too, but at least it was clever. This is just a snoozefest, all the way.


    Aug 2017
  • Bank Chor

    Calling this convoluted mess a film is demeaning to the word, because I have seen 14-year-olds put together better work than this at school plays.


    Jun 2017
  • Phillauri

    The narrative is refreshingly written, brimming with breezy humour. But it is ironic that the haunting spirit is lacking, both metaphorically and literally speaking.


    Mar 2017
  • Irada

    Full marks to the ambition, but this hotch-potch of a movie is good reminder that compelling movies are made of much more than a hit pair and a good idea.


    Feb 2017
  • Wajah Tum Ho

    No Nirbhaya, India hasn't changed much. We still objectify women — zoom into their butts and breasts to sell tickets. Hope you are in a better place.


    Dec 2016