Pallabi Dey Purkayastha

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  • Flight

    ...circles around the systematic abuse of money and power the aviation-manufacturing industry is allegedly plagued with but from the way this tale’s shaped up to the way the makers have executed it on screen, we would say it shouldn’t have left the runway in the first place.


    Apr 2021
  • The Power

    With a tighter, finer screenplay and more consistent performers, ‘The Power’ could have been a befitting response of this decade to the ‘Sarkar’ franchise but a lacklustre narrative, among other things, brings the power down to level zero.


    Jan 2021
  • Kaagaz

    ...could have been the go-to movie for all those inspiration-seeking individuals but ends up being a masterclass on one man’s acting prowess. Not that we are complaining, but the film had the potential to blow our minds. Chose not to, instead!


    Jan 2021
  • Kaamyaab

    At a time when meaningful and nuanced roles are being written for character artistes, ‘Kaamyaab’ is a film that stands out for its story and storytelling.


    Mar 2020
  • Shikara

    ...considering it’s a historical drama, it is rather disappointing to witness that the film does not go beyond a few fleeting mentions of the ordeal of the people from the other side of the incident; a pigeonholed approach.


    Feb 2020
  • Street Dancer 3D

    ...does have a strong message to send across to its audience – that of love in the face of adversity, compassion towards those we know and those we don’t, and stresses upon the importance of friendship over personal gains – but fails to stitch it together with an organised cinematic fabric.


    Jan 2020
  • Jhalki

    ...tries to drive home an important message and has its heart in the right place, but the execution is slapdash and the writing lacks the depth it needed.


    Nov 2019
  • Ghost (2019)

    ...has nothing new to offer –in terms of storytelling, evoking fear or even making a feeble attempt in setting the bar high for Bollywood’s under-explored genre of horror.


    Oct 2019
  • Pranaam

    In a different world, where the 80s era of long water-splashing shots and folks crying their hearts out for their kids' well-being at temples is still a hit, 'Pranaam' would have worked, and in a massive way. But this world is flawed, and so is this crime drama.


    Aug 2019
  • Nakkash

    ...this drama on social issues ticks all the boxes of a progressive and offbeat movie, and despite its inconsiderable flaws, one should give this ‘art film’ a try!


    May 2019
  • Tarpan

    Despite the noble intent, this movie is far from being cathartic for the oppressed and is definitely incapable of instilling fear in the minds of wrongdoers.


    Apr 2019
  • Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya

    The best part about the film is how relevant it is to our current scenario. Sure the ‘good over evil’ plotline has been done to death, especially in the animated movie genre, but this film by Shilpa Ranade, couldn’t have had better timing.


    Feb 2019