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  • The Perfect Girl

    ...has caused a crater to form on my desk because I keep hitting my head against it as I recount this less than perfect slow poison of a film to you.


    Sep 2015
  • Surkhaab

    ...lacks the strength to go all the way either to become a masala thriller or to blossom into an insightful take on the exploitation of immigrants. Because it wants to do both, it ends up doing neither.


    May 2015
  • Ek Paheli Leela

    Though there are more flaws in the film’s execution, at the heart of it Leela is a genuinely intriguing, if slightly predictable story and the twist at the end could have been a game changer had it been played out better.


    Apr 2015
  • Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans

    Roar's strengths lie in the novelty of the concept and the judicious use of CGI. Sure, the special effects could have been better but compared to standards set by its contemporaries, Roar doesn't far badly.


    Oct 2014
  • Fireflies one giant cesspool of sadness and agony that is ever expanding and will engulf any barely happy soul that it can get its hand on.


    Oct 2014
  • Happy New Year

    This could have been a much better film if only it had dared to move out of its comfort zone. Happy New Year is a film that’s bound to make you feel good, but trust me, the feeling won’t last.


    Oct 2014
  • Tamanchey

    No amount of catchy soundtrack, meticulous set design, or slick editing can save the film from the lofty, misplaced ambitions of the people entrusted with guiding it.


    Oct 2014
  • Bobby Jasoos

    Bad songs, bad subplots, shabby direction make Bobby Jasoos a very, very confused film that is slightly better than a bearable watch only because of the strong heroine and the talented cast.


    Jul 2014
  • Yeh Hai Bakrapur

    Despite all of this and some praiseworthy performances by the entire cast -- Yeh Hai Bakrapur fails to live up to its early promise due to lacklustre direction.


    May 2014
  • Revolver Rani perfect on paper but if it really wanted to generate that spark, it should have probably taken the character-centric route.


    Apr 2014