Rahul Nanda

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  • Ekk Deewana Tha

    While the film’s direction and narrative do little to appease you, the actors and their characters do that in abundance. If you like light hearted love stories this one is for you.


    Feb 2012
  • Not A Love Story

    RGV shows us that we don't need big actors, lavish sets or mammoth budgets to make credible cinema. A good film just needs a filmmaker getting the most out of his skill, tact and resources. 


    Aug 2011
  • Mallika

    The movie doesn't even have the chills or thrills of a b grade horror flick. The screenplay looks like it's written on the set and the dialogue done impromptu by the actors.


    Sep 2010
  • Phoonk 2

    The movie does have unexpected twists and some very good thrills. But what it also has is tacky sequences of a doll fighting off a fully grown man that leave you laughing. Basically this is good idea gone bad.


    Apr 2010
  • Mittal v/s Mittal

    ...instead of making you feel sorry about the state of women even after they marry the ones they love, the film leaves you restless and wanting the ordeal to be over with.


    Mar 2010
  • Shaapit

    After a spate of bad horror movies of late this one is a welcome change. Now it’s not stand up and clap cinema but it atleast keeps you on the edge of your sit and makes you think.


    Mar 2010