Vinayak Chakravorty

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  • Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar

    The problem is by the time the finale arrives you might just about lose interest, given the overall sluggish pace. For an effort that was pitched as an edge-of-the-seat entertainer, that’s an irony for sure – not in the least the sort you expect from a Dibakar Banerjee film.


    Mar 2021
  • Jai Mummy Di

    ...remains funny in fits for a while before losing the plot altogether. Not quite the joyride one would recommend for a weekend's mall crawl binge.


    Jan 2020
  • Highway

    Writer-director Ali tries giving a deeper subtext to the kidnap drama through Veera. The abduction aftermath has a life-altering impact on the girl. The subtext doesn't work because it cuts down the film's pace as it unfolds and confuses the viewer.


    Feb 2014
  • Miss Lovely

    There is an obvious effort on the part of the film to leave you in a state of discomfort, so that the well-researched plot is fully appreciated for what it is worth.


    Jan 2014
  • Dedh Ishqiya

    Director Abhishek Chaubey goes one up with treatment in Dedh Ishqiya, seamlessly fusing his tale of love in the time of intrigue with suspense and humour. He also reserves ample space to excel for each of his talented actors.


    Jan 2014
  • Shahid

    We get to see a new Mehta in form with this film, more assured of what he has to say, more in control of the craft of cinema.


    Oct 2013
  • Besharam

    ...tries bringing back funk to the Bollywood screen. It would have worked if Kashyap and company focussed on just that bit instead of compromising on the novelty factor for 100-crore basics.


    Oct 2013
  • Satyagraha

    The film is well-intentioned film, its message relevant. Unfortunately, not every well-intentioned film with relevant message leaves an impact.


    Aug 2013
  • Bajatey Raho

    This film looks cliched when it tries to be funny, jaded when it sets out to thrill (the second half, where suspense mattered, simply falls flat), and goes all soppy with emotions.


    Jul 2013
  • Raanjhanaa

    ...harks back to the way Bollywood used to make love stories once upon a time. With some imagination, the effect would have been nostalgic, too.


    Jun 2013
  • Fukrey

    ...reminds you that Bollywood these days is trying to entertain beyond tested flavours. The effort may have stumbled in execution. At least, like the four fukreys, the makers did try hard.


    Jun 2013
  • Aurangzeb

    You have a cracker of an idea, the build up is great too, and then gross lack of imagination turns everything into a mangled mess post interval.


    May 2013