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  • Thappad

    It’s a hard subject to pull off, but Anubhav Sinha achieves it with first-rate storytelling. The best films inspire dialogue, they set you thinking; they can even lead to change. This one made me uncomfortable; it made me question myself and I think it will make you too. It’s essential viewing.


    Feb 2020
  • Malang

    There is both a love story and some good songs in his new thriller Malang. There are also, to be fair, some interesting ideas floating around. But those ideas never come together coherently; they’re lost in a film that is more interested in surface-level stuff.


    Feb 2020
  • Street Dancer 3D

    ...the problem with this franchise is that for some reason the makers think these films need to be about something more than the dancing. Something ‘important’, something ‘serious’. They couldn’t be more wrong.


    Jan 2020
  • Chhapaak

    Its strength is in its quietude. It goes about its business with minimal fuss. The film is both moving and important. And its leading lady is in very fine form.


    Jan 2020
  • Tanhaji’ll appreciate the robust filmmaking, the visceral battle scenes, and a delicious performance by an actor who’s seldom got his due.


    Jan 2020
  • Dabangg 3

    The film feels like a string of unimaginative, repetitive action scenes strung together, pausing every few minutes for an underwhelming song.


    Dec 2019
  • Marjaavaan

    I came away from Marjaavaan bored and exhausted. It’s literally a film with no perceivable merit, and one that begs two key questions: How did this film get made? And why are we being taken for a ride?


    Nov 2019
  • The Sky Is Pink

    Despite the blatant manipulation, there are moments that left me with a heavy heart, and with a lump lodged in my throat. Still, watching a child’s life cut short should hurt like your heart’s being carved out of your flesh. The Sky is Pink never bruises you with that intensity.


    Oct 2019
  • Chhichhore

    The film is all about its characters, frankly, and the hoops they're made to jump. In them you'll likely find traces and memories of your own youth.


    Sep 2019
  • Saaho

    The impressively staged but ultimately exhausting action sequences take up the bulk of screen time, but they can’t salvage this soulless film that has all the depth and emotional wallop of a video game.


    Aug 2019
  • Super 30 a dramatized, ‘Bollywoodized’ version of a true story, complete with too many songs, caricaturish villains, a deafening background score that cues every emotion, and the kind of rousing dialogue intended to elicit cheers.


    Jul 2019
  • Kabir Singh an unmistakably misogynistic film, but the sad part is that it’s exactly these troubling portions that the filmmakers peddle as intense love. Even more sad is that there will be many who’ll buy into it.


    Jun 2019