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Ankur Pathak

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  • Mumbai Mirror

    This is a terrible mishap of a film that doesn't hold a mirror to society, or the city, but rather stares at it with bloodshot eyes and a dagger in hand.

    Jan 2013
  • Rajdhani Express

    ...could be such a fatal blow to your collective consciousness that you'd want to recommend the film to your worst enemies and seek comfort in the fact that they are going to be irreparably traumatised.

    Jan 2013
  • Makkhi

    Director S S Rajamouli and Kotagiri Venkateshwar Rao, who handled the editing and camera work, and the entire team deserves thundering applause.

    Oct 2012
  • Damadamm

    This is Himesh Reshammiya's fifth attempt at acting, and with a better actor, Swapna Waghmare Joshi's film could have been a far superior product.

    Nov 2011
  • Bubble Gum

    ...what makes Bubblegum an entertaining watch is the absolutely realistic & mature treatment to adolescent issues generally discarded as frivolous.

    Jul 2011
  • Bheja Fry 2 unexceptional monsoon mad-caper attempting to entertain with its witlessness and idiocy posing as heroic and humorous.

    Jun 2011
  • Shor In The City impossibly thrilling roller-coaster ride, backed by heart-thumping tunes, and some of the greatest performances we can recollect in recent times.

    Apr 2011