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  • 102 Not Out

    Despite the flaws, the emotions connect. And if like me, you are of a certain vintage, you will get a nostalgic head-rush when you see Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan in the same frame.


    May 2018
  • 2.0

    Shankar’s cinema uniquely combines scale with social message. Just in case you’ve missed the point of this film, at the end, Dr. Vaseegaran spells it out again. Like everything else in 2.0, it’s a tiring overdose.


    Nov 2018
  • Action Jackson

    The first half of the film is disconnected sequences of action, comedy and romance randomly strung together. And when the plot finally kicks in, it is so fantastically ridiculous that you have to ask — what have we — enthusiastic, loyal, passionate lovers of Hindi cinema — done to deserve this?


    Dec 2014
  • Aiyyaa of Aiyyaa have energy and passion. But it is drowned by the insistence on being wakda - crooked. Clearly wackiness can't carry a film.


    Oct 2012
  • Ajji

    In some scenes, it feels like the director is almost reveling in your discomfort. The bleakness snuffs out the humanity of these characters. The ugliness is so unrelenting that you begin to ask, why am I subjecting myself to this.  


    Nov 2017
  • Aladin

    Aladin, directed by Sujoy Ghosh, is a reworking of a beloved children’s story but it’s so convoluted that you can barely follow who is doing what to whom and why.


    Nov 2009
  • Andhadhun

    With precision and control, Sriram constructs a theatre of the absurd. The surroundings – high-rises, leafy streets and old houses in Pune – seem perfectly normal but what’s happening inside is deliciously twisted. There’s murder, betrayal, sex and a mountain of lies. In short, you can’t look away.


    Oct 2018
  • Anjaana Anjaani

    ...has a flatness that is unique. The screenplay, co-written by Siddharth and Advaita Kala from a story by Mamata Anand, goes nowhere fast.


    Oct 2010
  • Arjun Patiala

    No matter how low your bar is, Arjun Patiala won’t meet it. Making movies is hard work and I always try and look for something to recommend in each film. The only plus here is that it’s short. You’ve been warned.


    Jul 2019
  • Article 15

    Article 15 of the Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth but in much of India, caste continues to constitute identity. Article 15 is that rare thing – a mainstream Hindi film that confronts this horror. For that alone, it deserves applause.


    Jun 2019
  • B.A. Pass

    ...holds your interest as long as Bahl sticks to Sikka’s darkly twisted story. But each time he diverges — including his choice of the film’s cheesy name (Sikka’s story is titled The Railway Aunty) — the narrative wobbles.


    Aug 2013
  • Baadshaho

    If you are willing to buy into the ridiculous premise, the first half has moments of fun but in the second, Baadshaho becomes like a flat comic book.


    Sep 2017