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  • Ujda Chaman

    So, I am supposed to find people laughing at perceived body flaws funny? Thank goodness for some great supporting cast, and decent lead cast performances.

    Nov 2019
  • Housefull 4

    Were it not for the general slapstickiness, the extra half hour, the flippant attitude towards writing women characters, Housefull 4 might’ve worked for the few laughs it brings.

    Oct 2019
  • The Sky Is Pink

    Great performances and a touching story bring in a lot of tears despite knowing how it all ends. Might have worked even better, were it shorter.

    Oct 2019
  • War

    Slick action, chiselled heroes, stunning locations make up for the uneven writing. Yep, the story is part-clever and part-amusing, making it a guilty-pleasure kind-of-a-watch.

    Oct 2019
  • The Zoya Factor

    Attempts to keep things light, which work at times and don’t at others. A film that wouldn’t kill you if you watched it, but one you wouldn’t miss if you didn’t.

    Sep 2019
  • Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas

    The first half, when nothing happens is engaging because of the arresting Himalayas+cinematography. The second half, when the story moves at breakneck speed, is boring.

    Sep 2019
  • Section 375

    Well-made? Sure. Good performances? Absolutely. Well-written? Crisp. Did I like it? No. But then, shouldn’t a movie be made on men’s rights? Oh absolutely. And a round of slow-clap for that.

    Sep 2019
  • Dream Girl

    Aims to expand on a hilarious ‘what if’ situation but suffers from an afterthought to philosophise it. Very witty dialogue and good performances in a hotch-potch of a film.

    Sep 2019
  • Chhichhore

    The makers choose a slice of their hostel lives as a thread to ~~sermonise~~ tell the kids who take failure too hard to take it easy. The nostalgic tone works, but the build-up to the “lesson” part is overdone.

    Sep 2019
  • Saaho

    When the writers know a film needs more than style, but are not quite sure how to make it happen.

    Aug 2019
  • Mission Mangal

    Two years worth of “eureka” moments fit into two hours make the film cute and as engaging as a well-made, animated film. Whether that was the makers’ intention, I know not.

    Aug 2019
  • Batla House

    Accomplished police officers have to defend themselves against allegations of fake encounters–the topic as a central theme for a film is relatively fresh. However, the story doesn’t budge ahead until the last 20 minutes and thus is sadly a tiring bore.

    Aug 2019
  • Jabariya Jodi not as much a romantic comedy as it is the story of a boy trying to come out of his father’s unsavoury shadow. But the need for a rom-com climax ruins whatever little it had tried to gain in the first two hours.

    Aug 2019
  • Judgemental Hai Kya

    The quirks are well placed and done well too. The basic plot though tries to make us believe it is complex and its characters have complexities, but that’s only skin deep. Ultimately then, the film feels like an experiment that doesn’t land too well.

    Jul 2019
  • Super 30

    Were it not based on real-life, Super 30’s story would have been scoffed upon and the movie soon forgotten. Even with the “based on a true story” stamp and despite some decent insights, performances, and dialogue, it borderlines on simplistic and forgettable.

    Jul 2019
  • Article 15

    Of course, it supports an ideology, has an agenda and is prejudiced. The real question is, would we be surprised if we read a page-7 headline of such an incident? Would we be shocked if we knew for sure it really happened? No, right? Exactly why such films need to be made.

    Jun 2019
  • India‘s Most Wanted

    Things move slowly for a thriller and not in a way that gets you concerned for your team. Doesn’t help that the slow story is dragged further with slow-motion!

    May 2019
  • Student Of The Year 2

    Wouldn’t saying, “SOTY 2 is predictable,” predictable in itself? Let’s just say, you get what you expect. Even if there might just have been some potential for change in dynamics between characters, ultimately they are only sly story-telling tactics.

    May 2019
  • Kalank

    A reasonably complex plot for a love triangle spoiled by shifting focus from the details in the story to reasonably well-done grandeur and opulence. Results in a play-like set-up without due regard for nuance.

    Apr 2019
  • Romeo Akbar Walter

    A thriller that doesn’t get you anywhere close to the edge of the seat. Maybe because the hero gets stuff done too easily or perhaps the casting doesn’t allow you to think he could lose. This despite a decent attempt at twists.

    Apr 2019
  • Kesari

    So much action that it makes you go numb, even though it is slick, choreographed and shot very well. Anyway, a story of great bravery in times of war, glamourising killing by taking lives in style, seems overdone.

    Mar 2019
  • Photograph

    Made specifically for people who can enjoy a film for its mood. A plain and mundane one, in this case. Like most days in life. The plainness that started out as charming becomes lifeless by the end.

    Mar 2019