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  • 102 Not Out

    Based on a Gujarati play of the same name, Umesh Shukla’s film is unable to leave its inherent theatricality behind. It gets unchanging in terms of the give and take between the duo and leaves the viewers static too. It stirs nothing within, leaving you unmoved.


    May 2018
  • 2 States

    It is a pretty decent translation that will work for fans of the book and those who haven’t read it but given the potential of the material, it falls a little short.


    Apr 2014
  • A Flying Jatt

    A clunky script, comic book flat characters and a wafer-thin plot are propped up by needless song-n-dance routines, juvenile SFX and innumerable fights and confrontations.


    Aug 2016
  • Action Jackson

    While most of it, especially the second half, is so deliciously bad that it is good, the first feels a little heavy and staid featuring what looks like leftover footage from R. Rajkumar, especially with a Shahid cameo.


    Dec 2014
  • Agent Vinod

    While the basics make sure that Agent Vinod is way better than run-of-the-mill Bollywood, our standards for Sriram Raghavan are sky high. This is a disappointment only because we expect a lot more from the guy who takes his time and dedicates himself completely to films.


    Mar 2012
  • Airlift

    ...would have been a better film without this nationalistic bluster but has a bigger potential at the box office now with the Republic Day just round the corner.


    Jan 2016
  • Ajji

    The only thing new here then is turning an arthritic grandmom into the avenging angel. Ajji is no more than Mom and Maatr at their most excessive; it just locates the same rape narrative at the other end of the social spectrum.


    Nov 2017
  • Alone

    Bipasha Basu, however, has become the Bhai of the horror film genre, minus the box office appeal, of course. You can easily switch scenes between her films and nobody would even know. They all have Bipasha doing exactly the same thing.


    Jan 2015
  • Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain

    The subject could have been relatable to a wide Indian audience who are bound in an arranged marriage, but Mishra is neither convincingly awkward as a repentant husband nor staunchly belligerent as a patriarchal one.


    May 2018