Sudhish Kamath

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  • Hunterrr

    In its current form, this Hunterrr is more horny than trigger-happy. He just walks around with a gun and rarely fires — except once in the whole film.


    Mar 2015
  • Hawaizaada

    ...despite all the painstaking effort that’s gone into recreating an era, is devoid of anything even remotely exciting and given the material and the premise, this is a criminal waste of an idea.


    Feb 2015
  • Alone

    Bipasha Basu, however, has become the Bhai of the horror film genre, minus the box office appeal, of course. You can easily switch scenes between her films and nobody would even know. They all have Bipasha doing exactly the same thing.


    Jan 2015
  • PK

    If you’ve been thirsting for movie magic, there is so much to love about PK, especially in the fun-filled setup of a first half — one so exciting that you are most likely to forgive what doesn’t quite work in the second.


    Dec 2014
  • Action Jackson

    While most of it, especially the second half, is so deliciously bad that it is good, the first feels a little heavy and staid featuring what looks like leftover footage from R. Rajkumar, especially with a Shahid cameo.


    Dec 2014
  • Happy New Year

    ...could steal your heart if you don’t use your head. When you wake up the next morning, you probably won’t remember much. Except that you laughed out loud a few times for some strange reason.


    Oct 2014
  • Haider

    Get your minds blown. Forget your phone, forget your watch. Brush up on your Shakespeare or at least Wiki it. And you will find Haider to be a truly rewarding cinematic experience.


    Oct 2014
  • Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania

    What’s commendable here is that Khaitan knows he is dealing with a film we all love and makes up for the borrowing by adding a lot of witty touches and subtly changing everything that doesn’t work today.


    Jul 2014
  • Humshakals

    Trying to review or analyse this Sajid Khan film is like sending a child-crafted-claymated monkey for a brain scan and hoping to find proof of brain activity.


    Jun 2014
  • Kaanchi

    The best movie Subhash Ghai has made in 15 years is Iqbal. Handing Nagesh Kukunoor the cheque as producer is probably the only thing he has got right since directing Taal in 1999.


    Apr 2014
  • 2 States

    It is a pretty decent translation that will work for fans of the book and those who haven’t read it but given the potential of the material, it falls a little short.


    Apr 2014
  • O Teri

    Umesh Bhisht does to Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron what RGV did to Sholay. Kills it and drags the corpse around. It’s no fun to watch.


    Mar 2014
  • Lakshmi

    A gritty film that works largely because of the subject and sensitive treatment if you have the stomach for gore.


    Mar 2014