Rhea Srivastava

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  • Tera Mera Tedha Medha

    We can only hope that some divine intervention takes place to help the actors forget the scars of being in this film, and heaven help you if you are one of the unlucky ones watching them instead.


    Sep 2015
  • Phantom

    Whether one takes it as a straightforward thriller, or one internalizes the wounds of an unforgettable act of terror, Phantom is a must watch for everyone.


    Aug 2015
  • Brothers

    A wonderful throwback to the Akki-style family action dramas of the 90s, it polishes the rough edges and gives us something made well enough to be called a modern film.


    Aug 2015
  • Bangistan

    Watch it if you are a sadistic daredevil who has way too much free time on his/her hands (I find your lack of faith (in me) disturbing).


    Aug 2015
  • Drishyam

    ...remains a great thriller which is an immensely enjoyable ride, especially if you have managed to steer clear of the original(s).


    Jul 2015
  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    ...a solid content-driven story with three actors who carry it on their shoulders with strong performances and an insightful chemistry with elan, inspite of its pitfalls.


    Jul 2015
  • Second Hand Husband

    ...can't be considered comedy gold by any standard, but it does a pretty good job in presenting some outrageous and unrealistically hilarious situations about how the human mind is almost always capricious.


    Jul 2015
  • Bombay Velvet

    A viewer who goes with expectations of being blown away by a wholesome tale of power, greed and deceit may return disappointed. This one is for those who love a good-looking film and a good-looking pair, whose love story is immersed in nostalgia and old-school over-simplicity.


    May 2015
  • Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

    Not that one had high expectation from Sunny, but she doesn't move beyond her small repertoire of expressions. And not suprisingly, the rest of the cast don't manage any better.


    May 2015
  • Piku

    The commonality yet familiariaty of Piku is its biggest paradox and its biggest strength - there is something different for everyone from this one story.


    May 2015
  • Ek Paheli Leela

    The fact that Sunny is not an actress isn't anything new. Kudos to her for trying though. But with her, everyone else in the cast seems to have forgotten their day job too.


    Apr 2015
  • Barkhaa

    Maybe the intention of the film was to tell us that ladies who dance for a living also have the right to respectability, which is wonderful, but a mothballed plot and an even more mothballed treatment isn’t the way forward.


    Mar 2015