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  • Nakkash

    The premise and the plot of the film keep you hooked. But it is the jagged screenplay, which is a minor issue, at times could be a stumbling block for a seamless viewing experience.


    May 2019
  • The Tashkent Files

    ...the film is well-researched and potent in nature. But with the timing of its release and the undertones in its messaging, this film appears to be a propaganda film that neither ignites any patriotic fervour nor journalistic appeal.


    Apr 2019
  • Poster Boys

    While the premise is wafer-thin, the frothy plot after a few minutes becomes tedious. But it is the base writing credited to Bunty Rathore and Paritosh Painter that keeps the momentum of the narrative well-greased. With puns, film referenced dialogues, fast-paced dumb repartee and farcical situations the film is a hilarious ride.


    Sep 2017
  • Tutak Tutak Tutiya

    ... while the film is engaging and intriguing, it suffers from a fatigued second half and an absurd ending. But nevertheless, it keeps you in splits. A better star cast would have elevated this film.


    Oct 2016
  • Pink an evocative film about women, brimming with messages relevant for society, and keeps you riveted to the screen.


    Sep 2016
  • Freaky Ali

    Director Sohail Khan pulls all the plugs to give the film a mass appeal and that is why it probably works.


    Sep 2016
  • Direct Ishq

    With a poorly written and predictable story and screenplay, replete with cliches and humour, Direct Ishq gets nowhere even after it is over. Even the love story appears confused. The characters are flimsy, paper thin and trite.


    Feb 2016
  • Guddu Ki Gun

    The plot is skillfully crafted. Every character is quirky and well-etched. And every actor delivers a notable performance, albeit a bit over the top.


    Oct 2015
  • Calendar Girls

    While Madhur Bhandarkar tries washing away the grease paint off the glamour industry, he desperately seems to be recycling the content from his previous films, thus offering nothing new to his audience.


    Sep 2015
  • Hero below mediocre fare except for the lead pair's straightforward performances.


    Sep 2015
  • Hamari Adhuri Kahani an anachronistic, tragic romance that touches an emotional chord, yet, makes you dismiss it as a regressive piece of art. The direction appears confused, with a present-day setting, while the treatment of the plot and characters belong to a bygone era.


    Jun 2015
  • 10ml Love

    Though the film seems slightly amateurish and theatrical in its treatment in the beginning, it soon gets a good grip and keeps you engaged.


    Dec 2012