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Kaveree Bamzai

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  • Jannat 2

    Emraan Hashmi is the champion of B-life. He's back again in a vehicle tailormade for his unique ability to look fear in the eye.


    May 2012
  • Agent Vinod

    It doesn't work. And it's because Raghavan, the master of cool, doesn't keep it cool enough. He makes the time honoured mistake of succumbing to the considerable charms of his lead pair and makes it mawkish.


    Mar 2012
  • Kahaani

    Welcome back Sujoy Ghosh. We thought you were a one film wonder and had consigned you to oblivion after the disaster of Aladin. But Kahaani, a fast, fun, fearless thriller has made up for it.


    Mar 2012
  • Players

    Bollywood has realized it can camouflage its lack of stories with lots of thrills, chases, heists making the location exotic and the villains international even if it has to finally buy the remake rights legally.


    Jan 2012
  • Ra.One

    This is film-making not so much as noble passion but as grand indulgence, not so much as a marathon magic show but as an event to be managed. No effort is spared.


    Oct 2011
  • Mausam

    Every scene is beautifully shot, the romance is meant to grow on you with its artful glances and coy exchanges. But instead of a slow burn, it's just plain exhaustion.


    Sep 2011