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  • Thappad an essential and educational watch for a society which deserves a tight, resounding one on the cheek for dismissing such acts as ‘one-off episodes’, incapable of having life-altering ramifications.


    Feb 2020
  • Thackeray

    There’s a thin yet distinct line between mimicking and articulating an impression. Siddiqui manages to capture the cartoonist-turned-politician’s tone and spirit but retains his own interpretation of Thackeray.


    Jan 2019
  • Tezz

    If it weren’t entirely inspired (remade? ripped-off?) by The Bullet Train and Speed, I’d have been happy to give Tezz more credit, but two stars is how it chugs.


    Apr 2012
  • Tevar

    ...there's not a moment that isn't formula-driven, which is why Sharma fails to stamp any kind of storytelling authority.


    Jan 2015
  • Tere Bin Laden

    ...a delightful little gem of a film, based on an unbelievable premise, but treated with just the right mix of straight-faced gravity and furiously oddball humour.


    Jul 2010
  • Tera Intezaar

    Sometimes, films are made without a recognisable motive. Did the producer want a selfie with Sunny Leone or Arbaaz Khan to inaugurate a jewellery store? We'll never know. But surely, the story and concept of this film were an afterthought which never got addressed in the bargain.


    Dec 2017
  • Teen Patti

    ...a slick and stylish film with many stars, fancy styling, big budget but little substance and very convoluted logic. Part of the film is in English, part of it is in algebra and the rest seems gobbledygook.


    Feb 2010
  • TE3N

    ...Dasgupta is committed in manipulating precisely what the audience notices, assumes and predicts from what plays out on the screen.


    Jun 2016
  • Talvar

    ...writer Vishal Bharadwaj deserves credit for penning a story that engages, presents multiple perspectives and provides just the right amount of distractions, without straying focus away from the core story.


    Oct 2015
  • Talaash

    if you’re going to watch Talaash solely to understand “what’s the suspense about” you’re going to be disappointed. Try and empathise instead with the characters. Reward then, will look for and find you.


    Dec 2012
  • Table No. 21

    Concept-driven maybe, but Table No. 21 remains, at the end, only that - a good concept on paper that is never quite realised in its execution: whether it is in the writing, directing, or acting departments.


    Jan 2013
  • Super Nani

    Mr Kumar has created a world that will instantly take you back to the regressive ways of the 18th century-the kind of attitude you battled to break norms and set the stage.


    Nov 2014
  • Super 30

    ...delivers by excessively leaning on Hindi cinema’s oldest formula — detailing an underdog who strives to rise above his circumstances and even helps those less fortunate achieve ultimate glory.


    Jul 2019
  • Sultan

    He (Ali Abbas Zafar) builds the muscled monolith's narrative effectively to garner empathy for his turbulent journey.


    Jul 2016