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  • Why Cheat India

    What it does, and does reasonably well, is address a subject that is real in a manner that, despite its adherence to many of the broad rules of popular Hindi cinema, does not stray too far from the tangible.

    Jan 2019
  • Bombairiya a tangled mess, neither funny nor engaging. It's a comedy of errors all right - more errors than comedy. Be warned, don't even think of sitting through it. Torture isn't funny.

    Jan 2019
  • Uri

    ...sketchy writing is a problem that plagues the film as a whole. But for the presence of Vicky Kaushal, whose character desists from overt chest-thumping, Uri: The Surgical Strike would have been a complete washout.

    Jan 2019
  • The Accidental Prime Minister

    ...carries an upfront disclaimer that asserts that it is intended only for entertainment and admits that creative liberties have been taken in the interest of dramatisation. The film, however, is neither hugely entertaining nor engagingly dramatic.

    Jan 2019
  • Simmba the kind of film that derides toxic masculinity while ill-advisedly celebrating unbridled virility as a necessary component of law enforcement. Instill fear in the hearts of the wrongdoers, Singham advises Simmba. And how, pray, do you do that? Simmba advocates throwing due process out the window and embracing another flagrant form of lawlessness. And that can only be dangerous.

    Dec 2018
  • Zero

    ...its astral ambitions are thwarted by a lack of imagination and genuine understanding of the minds of people struggling to ward off undeserved ridicule and earn rightful recognition.

    Dec 2018
  • 2.0

    The good versus evil tropes that 2.0 employs are trite, but the battle at the heart of the film - it pits a warped model if development against in the need for ecological conservation in a no-holds-barred fantasy - has moments that are thought-provoking and entertaining at once.

    Nov 2018
  • Mohalla Assi

    Had the immense potential of the literary text that forms the foundation of Mohalla Assi been even half realized, this would have been powerful indictment of the pernicious brand of politics that thrives on communal hatred and socio-religious divisions.

    Nov 2018
  • Jalebi

    ...undermined considerably by the erratic quality of the acting from a cast led by two first-timers, Varun Mitra and Digangana Suryavanshi, and a still-raw Rhea Chakraborty.

    Oct 2018
  • Helicopter Eela

    The problem with Helicopter Eela is that it allows the drama to trump its comic potential. A little more wit and humour and a little less earnestness might have given the film the wings it wants.

    Oct 2018
  • Pataakha

    Take it or lump it, Pataakha packs exaggerated flourishes of the kind that aren't all that common in Bollywood films that aren't strictly driven by mainstream impulses.

    Sep 2018
  • Sui Dhaaga

    ...falls well short of perfection, but it never comes unstuck. It passes muster as a wholesome entertainer embellished with humour, warmth, authentic emotional trappings and actors adept at going seamlessly along with the flow.

    Sep 2018
  • Manto a highly watchable, immediately thought-provoking cinematic work that does not have to deliver sledgehammer blows quite in the manner of Manto's more confrontational stories.

    Sep 2018
  • Gali Guleiyan obviously not a conventional entertainer. Just as well. The film stands out because of the balance it attains in depicting a man sinking steadily into incoherence and yet clinging to his humanity.

    Sep 2018
  • Stree

    ...plays an unwavering hand in demonstrating that dread can be unbridled fun when it serves a larger thematic purpose. Go watch this spine-tingling film. It is completely madcap but there is method in its manic madness.

    Aug 2018
  • Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi

    ...the hilarity quotient is low. The precursor had delivered on at least a part of the promise inherent in the quirky premise. This one goes through the motions without ever coming close to finding a genuine rhythm.

    Aug 2018
  • Fanney Khan

    ...abounds in such leaps of logic. But all of it is in the pursuit of some harmless fun and emotional manipulation. The fun remains low-key; the vigorous pulling at the heartstrings, which gathers momentum in the lead-up to the climax, yields some returns by way of emotional impact.

    Aug 2018