• Barefoot To Goa


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    Barefoot to Goa is a beautiful story that is heart touching and thought provoking. Amidst this fast paced society, this movie brings a sense of freshness and takes on a journey exploring the nuances of human values & relationships and discovering the life and questioning the innocence we overlook. This is a story of two children who leave home to get back their ill and estrange grandmother who lives alone in another town and is neglected by parents and suffering from cancer. It's a parable on the moribund human bonds in a cinematic essay that celebrates the innocence of the young, mocks the indifference of the adults and mourns the loneliness of the old.


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  • The film had the potential to be way more effective; nonetheless, it's a sincere effort that deserves to be acknowledged.


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  • I understand the aspiration for meditative storytelling in order to soak in its innocence, but the silence is deafening.


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  • I take no pleasure in running down a film that’s obviously been strung together on a miniscule budget, but couldn’t everything have been thought through a bit more?


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  • The intention is right — it deals with a relevant social issue of how old parents are abandoned by their children and looked at as inconvenience — but the execution definitely is not.


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