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  • Once Upon A Time In Bihar


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    Story travels back to October – 2003 where the scene opens with a beautiful landscape of Bhojpur. It was the time when Bihar was reeling under severe problems related to electricity, roads, health services, education, crime, corruption, etc.

    Rajiv has come back to his village after failing several attempts at UPSC exams. He has to get his sister Arti, married. Rajiv’s family is not so well to do. Arti is a “mangali”, still they have managed to find a suitable groom for her. Rajiv comes to Patna for a better earning and arrange money but, he gets mugged one day and all his savings are looted. He comes back to his village with an injured body and a broken heart.

    Sankar Pandey’s story runs in the parallel. He is a fresh graduate. After he is thrashed up in Guwahati, he has become more of a recluse and he could not understand why this happened to him. Why is it that in the same country, he is not allowed to move and there are many people like him. His brother Bisnu wants Sankar to help him run the family. Sankar wants a govt. job, as this was his father’s last wish. But soon he finds out that he would need to bribe for a government job. Sankar goes to Gorakhpur to earn that money, however, after working there for 4 months that company gets shut.

    Jeans dreams of becoming a big star as he is a self acclaimed folk singer. However, one day Jeans gets fired from his job. He has a young 6 year old sister. Jeans finds a job in the outskirts, with an abusive boss and half the salary of what he was getting previously.

    This was the time when Bihar was witnessing several crimes like kidnapping, murders and cast based carnages. Finally when these three guys are not able to meet their needs honestly, they decide to commit crime for money. Their plan backfires and they are imprisoned. When they come out of jail after 5 years, in 2009, they see change in their village. The political regime has changed.


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