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    Gauri is a younger girl who lives in a tranquil village on the foothills of the Himalayas. She lives with her family, her father is a poor farmer. His debt to the local land lord has become a problem for the poor family. With hardly any income in the house he has no choice but to give up his land as collateral. Gauri tries to find a way out of the problem. One day she meets a stranger Rohit, they fall in love. He promises her a good job in the city of Mumbai. With dreams of a better life and to help her father Gauri leaves for Mumbai. Mumbai takes her on a journey through the hard realities of life.

    Mumbai Central is her story as she fights the hardship that life throws at her and her journey to find peace within herself.


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  • As a journey of a woman's endurance and fighting spirit, Mumbai Central works. As the film, which makes Mumbai look like a monster, it doesn't. Too many inconsequential plot developments dilute the message somewhere.


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