• Missing On A Weekend


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    Missing on a Weekend is an investigating crime story based in Goa. Insp. Ali Ansari (Pavan Malhotra A top cop from CBI has been transferred to goa to take charge of the current ugly undercover crime space which has troubled the tourism capital of India. Ansari has now got a new case in the mid of all the chaos where one guy, Laksh (Karan Hariharan) has been found unconscious on Calangute beach. He is brutally hurt his head and lost substantial part of his memory. After the brief investigation, Police gets to know his whereabouts in Goa. As the police team reaches the resort where lash and his six other friends from Delhi are staying, they found one of his friend dead in one room and all other friends are missing. Now, Ansari is left with only one suspect cum victim cum survivor, Laksh, who hardly remembers anything that has happened.


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  • If you like dark intricate thrillers with over-saturated frames which poke savage fun at moneyed lifestyles, Missing On A Weekend with Pawan's wry act and Karan's persuasive victim-suspect masquerade could be your entertainer this weekend.


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  • ...tries to build up, a la The Usual Suspects style. It succeeds in keeping you hooked for a while but soon gets predictable.


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  • ...is amateurishly staged and feels too long for its 113 odd minutes. A 30-minute long Crime Patrol episode on TV would have delivered something infinitely more watchable.


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